How to cook pumpkin jam: 3 delicious recipes

How to cook pumpkin jam? And do not ask why! If until now, this ... vegetable or berry? Since the product did not have any popularity with you or your family members, then we can safely say that you are losing a lot.

 How to cook pumpkin jam

Remember what can be cooked from a pumpkin? Porridge with slices or in the whole fruit, bake in the oven or fry. Everything? Sadly All these dishes have a specific flavor and aroma of raw pumpkin pulp. And let's learn to cook a pumpkin so that no one would guess about her presence on the plate! Neither the aroma, nor the appearance, nor the taste will help determine your guests what kind of interesting things they eat. Intrigued? That's the same thing.

Learning how to make jam! Yes, yes, from a pumpkin. Just do not fukayu, now find out why.

Pumpkin jam is not much different from blanks from other berries or fruits.But it contains most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. In addition, it helps to lose weight, despite the presence of sugar.

Let's love this wonderful plant and learn how to use it to its fullest.

How to choose a pumpkin

It would seem easier for her - just turnips. I came to the market or to my own private plot, I chose the most huge pumpkin. He dragged home and ... heal your back, for he ruptured while the machine has reached home. He lay on the floor next to the Zolushkin carriage, chopped him with an ax, poured sugar and cooked.

In fact, everything is not so simple. The largest fruits are always the most savory. This sin feed varieties. They are suitable only for cattle feed. From a human point of view, such fruits are unappetizing in taste. Hence the conclusion: a big one is not always good. So choose a ripe pumpkin weighing no more than 3 kg, then you will guess exactly.

Table cultivars are suitable for use in cooking. How to distinguish them from feed if you have not seen a pack from under the seeds? About the size already mentioned, the shape and color of the flesh remain. Oblong, like a zucchini, or guitar-like form of the fruit always speaks of a high sugar content and amazing taste.

If there are no such ones in the field of vision, and there are only spherical pumpkins, then everything is simple. The orange pulp, the more pleasant the pumpkin tastes and smells. Pale yellow or light green flesh hints that it would be better to give the vitamin to domestic cattle.

The color of the skin or its thickness does not matter. Pumpkin in any case will have to be cleaned. From here we smoothly turn to the subject of removing the "shell".

Who has ever used ripe fruit in the kitchen, was impressed by the skin. Often cope with a simple knife with her unreal. And if you take the young pumpkins, who quietly undress under the vegetable peeler, they have not yet gained the necessary juiciness and sweetness. The pleasure of cleansing is completely neutralized by the disappointment of taste.

Preference is better to give all the same mature fruit. And how to quickly clean the pumpkin - there is a secret. You will need: a kitchen hatchet, a tablespoon, a cutting board and a sharp knife with a thick blade so as not to bend. What do we have to do:

  1. Kitchen hatchet gently, but with a good effort to cut the pumpkin in half.
  2. A tablespoon carefully remove the boot with fibers and seeds.You can do it with your hand, but a spoon will better scrape all the insides.
  3. Again, cut off the halves with an hatchet as it will, but try to get something like stripes.
  4. Put a strip on the cutting board on the edge. With one hand, gently hold the piece, the second we carry the knife strictly from top to bottom, separating the peel from the pulp. We do not saw or cut, but simply press hard.
  5. There must be several such movements. At one time to clear the entire strip is unlikely to succeed. Yes, it is not necessary. Thin skin slices are easier to remove.

If done correctly, it will be loud. The knife, slipping down from the effort will hit the board. Do not worry, it should be. This is the best option. If you try to make cutting or sawing movements, then you are tortured to pull out the stuck blade and then you will heal wet corns for a long time. At this price, we do not need jam.

Council Even if the fruit looks clean from the outside, wash it thoroughly with a brush or a hard sponge before cutting. Grains of sand from the peel, trapped in food, will bring few joyful moments.

Pumpkin Jam Recipes

So, pumpkin chopped and cleaned.But let's not we cook them with such shmakami? Depending on what type of workpiece we are going to make, cut into pieces of a certain shape. And do not make such a sour attractive face! In the absence of peel the pulp is perfectly processed without much effort:

 Pumpkin Jam Recipes

  • for raw meat grinder useful
  • for classic cut into cubes, slices or straws
  • for jam tinder on a coarse grater

Nothing special to cut out, everything is done easily. Raw pumpkin pulp is a bit harder than butter.

Raw jam

As the name says - without heat treatment. Yes, you can eat raw pumpkin.


  • prepared pumpkin pulp, 2 kg
  • medium whole lemon
  • big orange
  • granulated sugar, 1.5 kg

Remove a thin layer of peel from citrus, cut into small strips. The remaining peel is discarded, it is not required. Remove bones and internal white fibers. Pumpkin pulp along with lemon and orange is passed through a meat grinder. Add sugar, chips of peel, mix thoroughly. Lay out on sterile containers, close with nylon covers or parchment paper.

To store such a magical storehouse of vitamins will have only in the refrigerator.At room temperature or high humidity in the cellar, this jam will quickly deteriorate and turn sour.

Council To ensure the maximum safety of all vitamins and nutrients, it is recommended to use a glass bowl and wooden bow during preparation. Ceramic cup is also suitable.

Classic recipe

The pumpkin itself in the dishes does not have a stunning smell or delectable taste. Therefore, when the simplest pumpkin jam is prepared, a small amount of flavored products is added. Coupled with sugar, the pulp acquires an original flavor and an indescribable taste. Additives can serve any citrus, ginger, fruits, spices, vanilla, dried fruits, berries.

Citrus fruits, dried apricots and sea-buckthorn berries are most common in recipes. Below is the standard base for such blanks. And what there you will add, in what quantity - it depends on your taste preferences.


  • 2 kg of pumpkin pulp
  • 1.6 kg of granulated sugar

The pulp is cut in a convenient way - cubes or straws. Shifted in a wide pot in layers, sprinkling with sugar.Forget about 5 hours. After the juice has stood out, add the selected ingredients. Put on the quietest fire, bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Cook for 15 minutes, cool. Bring to a boil again and cool again. After the third time, the jam can be put in jars and sealed. Covers take any convenient. Material does not matter.

It is possible to store such preparation in a cellar, the cellar or the storeroom.

Council If it seemed to you that the juice turned out a little or the pumpkin pulp was initially dryish, then before boiling you can add 250 ml of pure water to the above proportions.

Pumpkin jam

For flavoring, you can use the same components as for the classic recipe. But the most delicious is pumpkin jam with the addition of apples or plums. For greater originality, you can add a good handful of your favorite nuts for 7 minutes before the end of cooking. Of course, if your family likes these supplements.

 Pumpkin jam


  • ripe, peeled, sour apples, 500 g
  • prepared pumpkin pulp, 500 g
  • clear water, 500 ml
  • pinch of ground cinnamon
  • granulated sugar, 600 g
  • peeled and roasted walnut kernels, 150 g

On a coarse grater, rub the pumpkin and apples, add sugar. Pour water and put on the smallest fire. Cook for 30 minutes, stirring often. If the mixture starts to burn, then you can splash some more water. Then add ground cinnamon, cook for another 7 minutes. After pouring crushed walnuts, boil for 15-18 minutes.

Then the jam is poured into sterilized jars, sealed with plastic covers and put in storage in the refrigerator.

Council Allow the stock to cool completely before closing. Condensation that forms on the lid can cause mold. And it is better to arrange the jam is already completely cooled, then you will not have to worry about safety.

Useful tips

  1. If you have nowhere to store the zolushkina carriage, then feel free to cook the jam. Some comrades manage to cram the fruits of the sofa or under the bed. In principle, this is also a way out, though not very aesthetic.
  2. By the way, from these amazing stocks from under the bed you can cook jam even in the late fall or winter. The fruits, of course, can lie down until spring, but they will start to taste bitter and will be dry. Of these, it is not that jam, even porridge can not cook. Everything must be done in time.
  3. Replace all your favorite sweets with pumpkin jam. Naturally, not on elephant portions. 100-150 g per day will bring enough carbohydrates, and more, as a rule, do not want to.
  4. Properly cooked pumpkin jam has an amber color, a jelly-like consistency and a pleasant taste. It is very beautiful to pour them ice cream or add to homemade unsweetened yogurt.
  5. Some do not peel the lemons and oranges, and add peeled slices to the jam. The method is taking place. Let's just say, if you are a fan of the original bitterness and light piquancy of sweet, then safely put the citrus along with the crusts.
  6. To pumpkin billet securely stood for a long time, it adds citric acid or acidic additives. For winter storage, jam without acid is cleaned strictly in the refrigerator. In other conditions, you risk getting a sour product. Or worse - fermented.
  7. By the way, in order to avoid such excesses, the containers for pumpkin jam should be thoroughly sterilized. In what way, does not matter. The main thing is that it is comfortable and familiar to you.
  8. Preparation can be done in a slow cooker or bread maker.In the first one, the extinguishing mode is selected, and in the second, the jam button is pressed. Then they act according to the instructions, because for each model of household appliances there is its own specifics of making jam and the method of loading raw materials. The only difference between these methods lies in the different volumes of the bowls, respectively, and the yield of the finished product will be different. The taste is almost the same.

Why few people like pumpkins? Because they tried only fodder varieties. Dilute on your site a good table grade. Then you can safely answer the question “how to make jam from pumpkin” - very simply and in large quantities.

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