Baked apples - the benefits and harm to the health of the body

The benefits and harm of baked apples - this topic worries primarily lovers of unique dessert. Well-known since childhood sweet aroma has a lot of fans of different age categories. Easy to prepare, endowed with enormous benefits for people, it is to the taste of even the most strict gourmets. It is difficult to overestimate its nutritional and beneficial properties.

 The benefits and harm of baked apples

But there is the opposite opinion of physicians who doubt the full effectiveness of this product. Opponents say there is no curative effect and indicate the harm done by the apple delicacy. However, the mass prevalence of this dish in various variations and the absence of deterioration do not confirm the position of those who love hype.

Fresh apples are available year round. Regardless of the season, they will always be on the shelves of supermarkets.But note that foreign fruits do not differ in such benefits. A rather deceptive exterior beautiful gloss import. Imported apples require chemical treatment to increase shelf life. It protects the fetus from harmful microorganisms that cause decay. It is difficult not to lose attractiveness during long transportation. Therefore, foreign fruits are heat treated with wax to give shine. This is the reason for the loss of beneficial properties of apples.

Feel free to give preference to domestic apples. Grown in their own garden with minimal use of pesticides, they contain much more healing vitamins. Fruits bought on the market may lose outward appearance, but will be pleased with an affordable price and juicy pulp.

The composition and benefits of baked apples

No wonder they talk about this delicacy - a real well of health. It is difficult to find a similar fruit, endowed with the same healing composition. They are recommended to use regularly, not only by doctors, but also by nutritionists. They actively use dessert in methods of losing weight.Eating baked apples will replace the whole vitamin-mineral complex. They contain potassium, zinc, manganese, vitamin A, E, C, PP, H, a group of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pectin. With such a unique composition is not avitaminosis.

The benefits of baked apples:

  1. Anyone who has experienced a lack of iron in the body should eat baked apples. This will protect against anemia and help in the fight against anemia or disruption of the cardiovascular system. Two pieces of sweet delicacy are enough to not feel the need for this trace element.
  2. Directly apples do not have direct antimicrobial qualities. But able to produce elements that strengthen the immune system. Stimulate protective functions to fight against catarrhal diseases. To do this, treat yourself to a variety of fresh, baked apples and juices.
  3. The high value of the fruit due to the content of vitamin C - 9mg. It gives a unique acidity and reduces inflammation, helps strengthen blood vessels and destroy viruses.
  4. Baked apples contain various antioxidants that help in the fight against skin aging, hinder the development of cancer.Thanks to them, the metabolism is stabilized, which ensures proper cell regeneration and prevents mutation into cancers.
  5. Pectin, which is part of baked apples, will protect you from toxic substances, will take part in the elimination of cholesterol. Vitamin B together with pectin will give the skin freshness and start the process of natural rejuvenation.
  6. Vitamin A contained in baked apples will save your eyesight from age-related changes and eye infections. By baking apples with liver, you will be able to maintain visual acuity for a long time.
  7. The content of calcium and potassium normalizes the work of the heart muscle, maintain vascular tone, and normalize blood pressure. Calcium, even in small quantities, has a positive effect on the condition of hair, nails and joints. If you have a significant shortage of this trace element, it is recommended to supplement the food with foods containing calcium. Effective and quickly fill the shortage of special vitamin complexes.

Baked apples have the greatest popularity due to their use in dietetics. This contributes to a tangible result of the diet with no significant financial expenditure.Apples are able to normalize the digestive system due to the high content of plant fiber. Due to the saturation of fiber, hunger recedes for a long time. It frees the intestinal wall from toxins. But remember that medical advice is needed before applying the diet. Each organism is individual, has its own contraindications.

Baked apples: indications

Particular attention in the article should be paid to the benefits of baked apples. It is a mistake to assume that the apples lose useful characteristics during baking. In fact, their insignificant part is lost. After heat exposure, be it frying, baking, sterilization or drying, apples retain a significant portion of vitamins and microelements. Only chemical exposure can destroy useful properties.

 Baked apples

  1. The effectiveness of many apple diets and fasting days proved in practice. The effectiveness of this method is justified by the rapid weight loss and its further stability. Improving well-being, lack of discomfort in the intestines provide comfort fasting days on baked apples. To do this, enter in the menu 2-3 baked fruit.
  2. Increase the efficiency, to establish a reproductive function will help folic acid, riboflavin, tocopherol. For daily intake, drink 2 cups of apple juice throughout the day and eat 3 baked apples.
  3. In order not to harm yourself, eat sweet and ripe apples with increased acidity of the stomach. If you have a reverse situation, then sour varieties will do. It is recommended to eat baked apples without peel during the treatment of gastritis and pancreatitis. To remove the excess acid of apples, you can bake them with honey.
  4. Sour apples in small quantities are allowed to use even with diabetes mellitus, so they contain about two mg of iodine and have a low glycemic level. Endocrinologists warn that fruit should be baked without sugar. Otherwise, such a product you cause damage.
  5. Fresh apples have a less pronounced effect on the bowels. If fruits are baked before consumption, they will gently clear the intestines from stagnation of fecal masses, eliminate inflammation and remove toxins. It will not harm the stomach, and irritation and constipation will be eliminated.
  6. Baked apples have a positive effect on liver function.Not being a drug, they contribute to its natural recovery. If desired, you can fully restore its performance. But for this alone baked apples is not enough. You should give up alcohol and reduce harmful foods in your diet.
  7. Baked apples will help get rid of edema, normalize kidney function, contribute to the removal of fine sand. This will significantly improve well-being.
  8. Apple is helpful in general. Both the flesh and the rind contain nutrients. But for some indicators, the peel bypasses the composition of the pulp. It contains a greater percentage of elements that slow down the development of malignant cells, helps to fight diabetes. Only the skin that has undergone chemical treatment can be harmful. Clean it boldly, and enjoy the pulp.

To get the maximum benefit, help yourself to the “apple complex”. Eat fresh, baked apples or in the form of juice alternately, and get the expected effect.

Harm of baked apples

A lot of time, effort and energy spent on the study of unique properties. The conclusion is unequivocal: baked apples do not harm, but fill the body with energy and strength.Feel free to include in the menu of the whole family a delicacy with various additives. Regular consumption of apples in any form will help avoid many health problems.

The allegation of harming baked apples is completely false. But it is worth pointing out the available contraindications. It is recommended to abandon baked apples:

  1. If you have an allergic reaction to this fruit.
  2. If duodenal disease or gastric ulcers are in the acute stage.
  3. If you suffer from urolithiasis (due to a slight diuretic effect).

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